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The Affirmation Cards

Published January 29, 2015 by thefamilyof5

If you follow my facebook page then you will know that I’m currently taking part in another photo challenge #takingcare100.

Last week, for day 10, I decided we’d give the ‘Relax Kids’ affirmation cards a go.

I bought a laminator, trimmer and got to work to make these

They seem to be going well. All 3 girls have a new card every morning, they read it and pop it in to their shirt pockets. Their teachers are aware of the cards and use them as an occasional opportunity to talk to them and share a positive moment. Which the girls tell me they enjoy.

Baby girl thanks me for her card every morning and tells me she likes having them.

Big girl keeps telling me ‘they’re really helping me mommy’.

Middle girl (I’m told by our fab key person/teacher) enjoys an occasional quiet moment looking at her card with a smile on her face.

So well worth the hours stood in my kitchen cutting and laminating I’d say!

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