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Mummys – Written by The Family of 5

Published October 22, 2015 by thefamilyof5

Mummys – Written by The Family of 5

Mum I’d like to tell you, just how much I care,
but something inside stops me, so instead I stand and stare.
I want to reach and touch you and let you stroke my hair,
but you see I’m not like other kids, I have a cross i bare.

My birth Mum let me down a lot, she failed to keep me safe,
the mother that I’d trusted and invested all my faith,
didn’t do the Mummy job and so I had to go,
and its hard for me to understand why I have to miss her so.

From that I learnt from early on that Mummys arnt that great,
so when I pull away from you, and prefer to hug your mate,
please don’t cry and feel so sad, its not to make you mad,
i really do like being with you, but you see, your a Mummy too!


Recipe for Adoption – by The Family of 5

Published October 22, 2015 by thefamilyof5

Recipe for Adoption – by The Family of 5

We became the five of us
One hot and sunny day
Our beautiful big family
was not formed the usual way.

We took a pinch of love
And mixed a little fight
We added 3 scoops of beauty
And baked with all our might.

The mix is rising steadily
And soon it will be done
We’ll always feel so proud
Of how we did become.

What is support……….

Published September 29, 2013 by thefamilyof5

Its not the condescending voice that ‘knows best’
Its not the phone that never gets answered
Its not the friends that leave when the going gets tough
Its not the family with their ‘all kids do that’ comments
Its not the social workers that fob you off
Its not the teachers that ‘know better’
Its not the therapeutic services that fail to offer therapy
Its not the feeling of being alone or lost.

Its the little voice that asks ‘are you ok’
Its the ears that listen and dont judge
Its the hands that help wipe away your tears
Its the friends that ‘stick around’
Its the family that ‘get it’
Its the authorities that take responsibility
Its the professionals that ‘know’
Its the teachers that listen and act
Its the feeling that your not alone.

To feel supported is everything.

Without support its estimated that one in five adoptions breakdown.

I’ve linked up with the Weekly Adoption Shoutout (#WASO) over at The Adoption Social. This week their theme is ‘Support’.

Unborn Victim

Published May 17, 2013 by thefamilyof5

I read something beautifully written about something terribly sad today, I’d like to share it with you.


Unborn Victim

Suspended surrounded sustained 
By you within you for you
I wait I wonder I wish
To be born to be birthed to be bonded with you

Sounds sensations are heard felt feared
Your fright is my fright your stress is my stress
I hear it I feel it I taste it 
Rage filled resentment directed at you at me

This my introduction to your abuse filled existence
Even before my first breath I am bruised
Bracing myself for the onslaught
Harsh words looks slaps shoves

This womb like cocoon my only defence 
Yet I hear the cries taunts pleas protests
I feel slaps grabs gropes gouges 
I become a pre-birth victim of vile violent abuse

By Jane Evans                                      

This was taken from here http://www.parentingposttrauma.co.uk/1/post/2013/05/unborn-victim.html

My Birthday Poem, take 2!

Published March 19, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Today is my birthday. My little sister sent me a beautiful poem today, it touched my heart but I found out later it had been written by someone else. So after attempting to pass off someone else’s poem as her own I challenged my little sister to write me a poem for my birthday, no cheating this time. I gave her 2 hours and in under 15 minutes she produced the following!

This is HER poem!

My Sister – By Jessica Roney Age 14

If sisters were like stars
That shine bright at night,
Then when the road is dark,
You would be my light.

If sisters were like rivers
That run and run forever,
Then I would be the happiest,
When we are both together.

Beautiful, and actually better than the one she tried to pass off as her own, the little monkey!

I’ll light the way – By The Family of 5

Published October 10, 2011 by thefamilyof5

I didn’t take that test
I didn’t feel you kick
I didn’t hold you close as you took your very first breath

I didn’t watch you sleep
I didn’t hear you gurgle
I didn’t wipe those first real tears
Or catch you as you stumbled

I didn’t hear your first word
Your second or your third
I didn’t get to soothe you as a fever held you tight
I didn’t get to sit with you as you cried throughout the night

I don’t know how you weaned
I don’t know if you thrived
I don’t know of the things you saw
Or of the things you heard

I knew that things would be hard
I knew you’d find it tough
I knew you’d need my time and love
to keep your head above

I watch you as you struggle
I hear your heart cry out
I want to understand
Help take away your doubt

I gave you time to grow
I gave you room to see
I gave my heart and soul to you
And we learn’t what happiness could be

Your finding it hard to settle
That i understand
You fight and push at every turn
and change at every bend
Your life has been chaotic
the calm is all still new
So I’ll continue to put you on the path
and light the way for you

I’ll watch you learn to ride your bike
Take your driving exam
I’ll proudly cry as you say I do
and smile when you become a mum
I’ll forever be right here for you
no matter what you’ve done
But for now I’ll just wait patiently
for you to realise I’ll always be your mum

* Published in the April 2012 edition of Adoption Today

My Daughter – by Debby Andrews

Published May 20, 2011 by thefamilyof5

My Daughter – by Debby Andrews

You have so many questions, for such a little girl.

Such complex thoughts and feelings, your mind must be a whirl.

“Why couldn’t my first Mummy keep me?” You ask with innocence.

But I don’t understand myself, it doesn’t make much sense.

What demons were within her?

Why couldn’t she see the pain?

The world your first Mother came from,

Is one of fear and shame.

The drugs became her lifeline,

She couldn’t stop the game.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to –

Perhaps she’s not to blame.

I think about her now and then,

And wonder if she knows,

That the daughter she couldn’t care for,

Is safe and loved, and grows.

“She was too sick”, I tell you,

But you just can’t let it go.

“Did she die and go to heaven?”

“I miss her, does she know?”

Oh …….., if I could, I’d take away your pain.

But you are strong,

And you are tough,

You’ll make it through the rain.

And when you do, I’ll be here,

Standing by your side.

My love for you grows stronger,

It cannot be denied.

God blessed us with you ………

You’re our Angel from above,

We are thankful every day,

That you are ours to love.

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