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Baby Steps….

Published February 19, 2014 by thefamilyof5

Remember when I blogged about the trouble we were having with baby girl at the previous school. Remember the 13 pairs of tights she cut up in class without being noticed? the food she was able to steel from school bags? The entire sole she picked off her shoe one day in class? Do you also remember how many times the school dismissed it all and even told CAMHS there were no issues? It was a lot wasn’t it.

When we first started at this new school I wont deny thinking ‘here we go again’. To be fair to them though, they had lots of paper work from the previous school and could only go on what they had been told.

There was the shame inducing yellow card incident for lying, the helping herself to someone else’s lunch from their bag (she was polite enough to give them the wrapper though apparently I was told), the numerous tights she again intentionally ruined, the Christmas play saga and a few other things that caused me to think ‘uh oh’!

Well after lots of phone calls and emails to the Ed Psych & School a little ‘help’  from me, school have acknowledged that baby girl has some struggles. I’m not sure we’re totally on the same page yet, but we’re getting there, its a work in progress shall we say. The lines of communication are open and that’s always a great starting point. An IEP has been put in place for baby girl with various steps to support her with some emotional and social aspects i.e turn taking, getting on with her work without support, not being preoccupied by what everyone else is doing etc. She’s  also been enrolled on a ‘Socialising’ group for a few weeks whereby I presume they’ll be attempting to teach/help a small group of children how to ‘play nicely’. I’m not sure any of this will work, because I’m not sure she ‘can’ do any of these things, I suspect she is a ‘cant’ rather than a ‘wont’, but time will tell. It could just be that I haven’t been able to teach her these skills effectively, believe me I’ve tried. 

So overall I’m impressed. Its baby steps, but they’re baby steps in the right direction. I don’t feel like my concerns are being ‘dismissed’ like they were at the last school. They’re being acknowledged, and baby girl is getting the help she needs and that’s all I ever wanted.

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