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8 Weeks of summer, 2 to go!

Published August 21, 2015 by thefamilyof5

We’re 8 weeks in to our super long summer holiday and there are still 2 more weeks to go.

We’ve had a great time so far, aside from 1 major episode from Big girl a few days after we broke up from school. I wont go in to too much detail as even though it was horrific at the time, there’s been many weeks of relaxed fun so I’d rather try and put it behind us. We’d been to a zoo, it seems Big Girl saw a bug display and something on it frightened her. She didn’t tell anyone though. Instead she mulled it over inside her head for 3 nights becoming progressively more tired and volatile as each day passed. She wouldn’t open up, no matter how hard we tried. The end result was a massive explosion that lasted 2 days. Lots of violence, aggression and her first ‘running away’.

Scary Bug Grrrrr

        Scary Bug Grrrrr

We did all our uniform shopping at the start of the summer, we got their shoes. Got big girls new high school uniform. We sorted out PE kits. We packed school bags and then put everything away. We took down all the calendars and explained to the girls that we wanted them to forget about the date and the return to school and instead just enjoy the summer. They all agreed this was a good idea. So this is what we’ve done!

Packed & Ready to go!

Packed & Ready to go!

We had a great summer. Lots of lovely day trips, castles, zoo’s, parks, boat trips and a really lovely weeks holiday by the coast. They’ve slept so much better. They’ve been nicer to each other. They’ve been able to concentrate on craft projects, hell, I even did some baking with them that involved them using a sharp knife the other day and no one died!! Madness I know!

VERY naughty (but nice) RockyRoad

VERY naughty (but nice) RockyRoad

We’re now at the end of week 8. We have 2 more weeks to go. Things have starting to get a little more tricky this week. We went to the pub for lunch the other day and the very helpful waitress greeted the girls with ‘how many weeks have you got left before your back at school?’ I could have slapped her, instead I just answered for them with a very over enthusiastic ‘lots and lots and lots’.  Then Baby girl commented on how dark it seemed to be getting at bedtime last night, I casually remarked about how the nights were going to be getting darker as winter got closer. This resulted in a poor nights sleep and her telling me today that she is worried that winter getting closer means it will be time for school soon. Big girl has been generally moody this week, I haven’t been able to fathom out whats the matter with her yet but its triggered anxiety in Middle Girl who also had a poor nights sleep last night because she said she’s been worried that Big girl will get angry again. So today hasn’t been great, 3 tired stressed out kids intent on making each other feel as miserable and stressed out as they do.

Not the S word!!!!

Not the S word!!!!

I fear this is the start of the downward slide. I knew it would come. Id hoped to put it off for longer. We’ve had a really wonderful summer but now its time to batten down the hatches and weather the storm!



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Writers Block!

Published July 30, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Please forgive me!
Its been almost 3 weeks since my last blog!

I haven’t forgot all of you, my loyal fans (*said with tongue firmly placed in cheek).
There has been a lot going on here lately, end of school, our holiday and then there’s the general adoption and non adoption family life stuff too.

So my head is currently a mess of words, thoughts and ponderings. I’ve been trying to un-scramble them, to get them in some kind of order for you to read, and make sense of. So far I’ve not managed it, obviously, other wise I’d be telling you all about it now wouldn’t I 😉

I have so much to tell you all, there’s the very interesting observations I made about all 3 girls whilst we were on holiday, there’s an update on the autism assessment that big girls having, there’s the joys that the school holidays bring us (seriously, so much easier in holidays) and there’s also a big old rant about middle girls sleeping, or not sleeping, still, there’s more for me to say on the big ‘D’ word and I have more to moan about on our local authorities lack of adoption support, Oh and finally I’ve broken my tooth (yesterday), it wouldn’t be half as much of a big deal if I didn’t have a major phobia of injections :/

So please don’t think I’ve given up blogging, I’m just, well, having a spot of writers block I guess!

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