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The Christmas Play

Published December 10, 2014 by thefamilyof5

I cant remember if I’ve blogged about Christmas plays, tweeted or just written it on my Facebook page!? I really must try and stick to one thing!

Anyway, Christmas plays seem to have become an issue here the last couple of years, Baby girl has opted out of her play again this year, finding being on the stage too overwhelming. Big and Middle had both chosen to participate.

Middle girl has been far too enthusiastic, she’s been adamant to the point of being manic, that she’s enjoying being involved in her play. I’ve had my doubts since she first came home and told me about her role in the play (bouncing off the ceiling gave it away). She completely overcompensated with her enthusiasm and it just didn’t feel genuine, but, I went along with it because I knew if any decisions had to be made, they had to be made by her. She’s been really difficult for the last 2 weeks, really angry, hostile and so hyper she’s been unable to settle so she’s been barely sleeping. After another difficult night with another early hour waking up manic, I asked her again what was the matter ‘nothing’ she replied, again.

As we sat down for breakfast I could see the worry in her face ‘Please tell me’ I said, and after looking at the floor for a few minutes (that felt like longer) she finally told me through her real tears of sadness that she was finding being on stage too much to cope with and that she’d been stood on stage though all the rehearsals terrified but unable to tell anyone. I hugged her and wiped away her tears and assured her that mommy would sort it, and I did. With the help of our new amazing ‘key person’ in school, we assured middle girl that she didn’t have to do anything that she didn’t want too.

I believe today’s rehearsals went smoothly and middle girl is happy with her new ‘off stage’ role!

I’m so glad she was finally brave enough to talk to me, but I’m so so sad that she hadn’t felt able to tell me sooner, she’d needed to hide how she felt from everyone because she was scared what might happen. So she forced a smile, held it all in, and in-turn had endured all that unnecessary anxiety and worry during rehearsals.


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