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The ToucanBox

Published August 21, 2013 by thefamilyof5

A few months ago I saw an offer on Groupon for a ToucanBox Activity Set: 3 Months’ Subscription for £29.99.

I figured with the school holidays looming and the typical British weather, being typically wet, it seemed like a good idea.

So i ordered it, and then forgot about it.

A few weeks later the box arrived……………

Example of a ToucanBox

Example of a ToucanBox

A bright and colourful briefcase style box!

I placed it on our dining room table without comment. There was lots of looking, touching, poking and finally some asking. ‘Whats in the box mommy’, they said. ‘Your going to have to wait and see’ I replied. They actually loved not knowing, they tried guessing, they talked about it between themselves and asked me a lot.

Is it cake? asked baby girl

I think its not a new bike! Said Big girl

Maybe its a frog!? wondered middle girl

I simply replied with ‘one day in the holidays, we’ll open it, but until then, your just going to have to keep guessing’.

It wasn’t long before the rain arrived a couple of weeks later and the box was moved from the table. Excitement filled the air and I tortured them a little longer by slowly and dramatically opening the box before revealing its secrets.

Inside there was 4 more boxes and some other bits and bobs. I prompted them to choose a box each and open them.

Middle girls box contained everything needed to make 2 spiders and a web,

Baby girls box contained everything needed to make a glow worm, that actually glows.

Big girls box contained everything needed to make a bug observation jar complete with ventilated lid and magnifying glass.

The remaining box conveniently contained everything needed to make the 3 different stages of the butterfly transformation process.

The girls were eager to get on with their projects. True to its word, each activity had everything (except scissors and pencil) needed to complete it with really easy to understand instructions to follow.

They all thoroughly enjoyed their activities and were very proud of their final creations. They shared the final activity in the remaining box and each made a  butterfly to show its different stages of growth.

Big Girls Bug Jar If you look closely you can just about see Sofia the spider to the right :)

Big Girls Bug Jar
If you look closely you can just about see Sofia the spider to the right 🙂

They really enjoyed looking around the garden for a victim bug to torture observe in the bug jar. They set about with binoculars and magnifying glasses to find a beast for the jar. They quickly located and named, ‘Sofia’ the spider and promptly tried to get ‘her’ to sleep by singing Baa Baa Black Sheep to ‘her’.

The next box arrived today, Im going to make them wait a while again before we reveal the contents, although I wont deny that I’ve already had a quick peek and it looks super exciting. The next box has a ‘colour’ theme and if you hadn’t guessed the box I’ve blogged about was the ‘Bugs and Minibeasts’ themed box!

The boxes are ordinarily, in my opinion, quite expensive, but with this offer our 3 boxes  will have worked out to just £10 a box. Taking into consideration the whole experience of having a mysterious parcel arrive and then enjoying its contents, I’d say they are well worth the money and I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for more great offers from ToucanBox.

ToucanBox also have a great online blog with lots of free crafting idea’s, take a look here.

Disclaimer: no bugs were harmed, well aside from being held prisoner and wailed at for a few hours, Sofia was released with only the scars of her mental torture, back into our garden at the end of the day.


Just for Me!

Published May 10, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Today I took my first step in doing something just for me.
I signed up to volunteer with a couple of different volunteer agency’s last year. I’ve volunteered for a whole 2 hours for one agency and zero hours for the other. So I decided a few weeks ago it was time to take matters into my own hands. I contacted the girls school and offered my services. They were very keen, a crb check and a quick 2 weeks later and I was ready to start.
I did my first ‘shift/afternoon’ today as a reading helper. This morning I sorted out my old work clothes, well, a pair of trousers and heels, it made a lovely change from my usual jeans and flats and I felt ‘more’, more than ‘just’ a mom!
I was assigned to a year 4 class, children aged 8-9. They were just lovely. I’m not ashamed to admit I was terrified, I thought they’d chew me up and spit me out but they didn’t. They were actually excited, one girl even ran towards me clutching her book in excitement, they wanted to impress ME, they wanted to please me and they beamed with pride when I praised their excellent reading skills, it was so rewarding!
I loved every minute and can’t wait for next week!

My big girl spotted me in school today and nearly burst with excitement and my middle girl was so surprised to see me in ‘work wear’ that she almost tripped me up on the playground by tugging up my trouser leg to admire my ‘pretty shoes’.

Being mummy to my girls is everything to me, but it can feel so ‘one way’ sometimes. They don’t want to ‘please me’, they just want to stay safe. They’re so caught up with making sure their own needs are met that they give very little back. So today was a lovely change, the children gave me, as much as I gave them. It was warming.

I’ll always be my girls mummy and their needs will always come first, but I need something for me too.

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