Imagine #NAW2016

Published October 18, 2016 by thefamilyof5

I haven’t blogged in such a long time. Things are really busy here right now as my fight for support for the girls education continues and I continue to struggle to ‘do it all’.

It’s National Adoption Week 2016, there are some great articles and heartfelt stories being shared this week. I don’t have time to formulate my own thoughts right now, heck, I barely have the time to read other people’s, but I’d urge you to use the hash tag #SupportAdoption to go find and read some of the great stuff being shared this week, you might even like to write your own.

I read this post this morning written by an adult adoptee for ‘All Aboard the Trauma Train’ and felt it was worthy of a re-share 🙂 hope you like it too.

All Aboard The Trauma Train

Guest blog from an adult who was adopted:

Imagine having a parent that doesn’t love you.Or maybe two.

Or maybe one that doesn’t know or care that you exist.

Imagine having parents that actively put you in harms way.

Can you do that?

Perhaps you can, perhaps that is your experience too- and I’m sorry if it is, because I know that it really hurts.

Now imagine that you have been removed from that parent (or parents) and put in a different home, you might be a baby and pre- verbal or you might be 10 with a pretty well formed life around you.

How are you doing now? Are you feeling alright with this or maybe a bit shaken or confused. If this isn’t your reality, its a pretty big leap to make. I’m not trying to be contentious or upsetting, I am inviting you into my world- I…

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