Selective Hearing

Published April 5, 2016 by thefamilyof5

I shared these particular infographs via my Facebook page without a second thought, I did grimace at some of the apparent statistics and I did wonder how they had asked ‘adopted children’, no one asked mine?!
For my girls, I think if they had been asked, they’d have given the answer they felt they should have, they’d have painted a very rosy picture, rather than how they truly felt (and who knows what that really is?!)
I wonder how many of the answers given by these children were ‘people pleasers’.

All Aboard The Trauma Train

This is a guest blog from an adopted adult who has contacted The Open Nest following recent government adoption reform announcements. They have requested a safe forum to share their thoughts. Here they are:


Easter conjures up many images for me, small people delightedly hunting for chocolate eggs, spring lambs, daffodils and crocuses and for particular faiths it’s a time of resurrection, the end and a new beginning.
Our government, true to form, did their own bit of resurrecting over the Easter weekend, adoption reform, again.
Nicky Morgan announced sweeping changes to the way that adoption is prioritised, practiced and monitored (again) but immediately prior to this, something shiny caught my eye on Twitter- a cartoon infographic, published by CoramBaaf purporting to be about adopted children’s view of being adopted.

How wonderful, I thought at first glance, the big movers and shakers are finally taking into account the views of…

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