We Are Family – Schools Event

Published March 1, 2016 by thefamilyof5

Schools & Adoption, if your involved with these, or expect to be, this is a must read!

Gareth Marr

Last Wednesday over 80 Adopters, Prospective Adopters, Virtual School leaders, Social Workers and Teachers came to the Culture Space at Canada Waters library in South London. They heard presentations on ‘Why Children Placed From Care Need Support In School’ . First Adopter and Adoption UK senior manager Scott Casson- Rennie spoke of the need and then Islington Virtual School Head Hermione Michaud covered the support her Virtual School provides. The evening wound up with a Q&A that was dominated by questions on the Pupil Premium Plus.

Scott’s presentation is below

20160229 Extending School Support to Permanently Placed Children SCR & GM

His introduction to his adopted family was special. Scott and his husband Tris were the first same sex adopters to be approved in their LA back in 2006. They have adopted three boys and all of them were defined as ‘hard to place’ by the agency. Being older children at…

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