Published December 6, 2015 by thefamilyof5

We had a go at a bit of art relaxation therapy this week, mindful colouring is designed to calm the brain and allow mindfulness, inner calm and peace. Apparently.


We added a little classical music as well to really get them in the mood for relaxation, which they all love I’ll add! Personally I prefer a bit of R&B!


The girls thoroughly enjoyed it!


I did a little bit myself as well last night whilst MrFO5 watched some brain numbing rubbish on TV!


I’m not sure I achieved inner peace or complete relaxation like the girls claimed to have, but I certainly enjoyed it!


4 comments on “Mindfulness

  • You guys are doing great work. I think you should plan this type of therapy again and again. It helps children a lot. Art is something children love to do, they like coloring, painting, drawing, etc. It helps them to keep their mind calm and busy both at one time and I am sure they girls enjoyed it a lot.

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