Therapeutic Fostering

Published November 22, 2015 by thefamilyof5

I have read some of Colbys books and highly recommend them, his latest blog highlights the importance of ‘Foster/Adoptive/Kinship parents being supported throughout their therapeutic parenting journeys, something we here in the UK need to get better at. The support provided to adopters here generally stops once the adoption order is granted, or if your lucky 3 years after the order is grated. Therapeutic parenting of a traumatised child is a life long commitment and thus needs, life long support. These traumatised children deserve better outcomes, not worse.

Attachment and Resilience

Why have Therapeutic Models of Care?

In an online survey of carers of ‘looked-after-children’ (defined as children who do not live with a birth parent(s) and are in a relative or kinship care placement, adoptive placement, foster placement or residential care placement), in which responses were received from 157 carers over a one-week period in September/October 2014, only 16% reported using a known Model of Care to inform their caregiving.

This begs the following question: What do carers rely on to inform their care of these often troubled and challenging children?



Advice? (only half of respondents in the carer survey reported that they are supported in the role by a social worker)

Is this a problem?

Well, lets look at some figures for adult outcomes for children raised in out-of-home care:

  • Those with 3 or fewer placements were more likely to finish school 1 (65% of children in foster care…

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