Our schools need support too!

Published November 10, 2015 by thefamilyof5

Its hardly surprising some of our school staff feel so unwilling to expand their knowledge and understanding of trauma and attachment issues,  if this is how they’re feeling. (see link to news article) Perhaps this was the reason behind the issues we faced at High School, perhaps they just didn’t have the time and energy required to consider that big girl was really struggling.

ITV News Article

Taken from ITV News Article Above

Taken from ITV News Article Above

Our schools need better support if they are to be able to better support our most vulnerable children.

There needs to be better guidance and monitoring around the effective use of Pupil Premium Plus funds, schools need to be held accountable for each and every penny to prevent it being added to the general ‘pot’. Parents need to be included in the plans for spending, afterall, they DO know their children best.

Teacher training at universities and colleges at all levels needs to include vast amounts of training on the lasting and devastating effects of attachment and trauma. There also needs to be a requirement for compulsory annual refresher training for ALL school staff, yes, even the lunch time supervisors, sometimes their input can be hugely valuable to a child at lunch time when they’re struggling, without the knowledge and understanding it can also be hugely detrimental.

The ‘Virtual School’ (VSH) support from the Local Authority needs expanding to include schools with Adopted Children, as well as those schools with Looked After Children.

Flexible schooling and Home schooling needs to be encouraged, promoted and supported where needed. Some of our most vulnerable children struggle to manage a school environment, that shouldn’t mean that they’re unable to access the education system and the support that that provides.

An Adoption Order doesn’t take away the past and the role of school staff can have a huge impact on a child’s life. Knowledge and Understanding is the difference between whether that is a positive impact or negative impact!

Things need to change, NOW!

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