Published October 23, 2015 by thefamilyof5

It seems I have some new readers, which is always nice!

Sadly it seems that some of those new readers have come with an agenda, it isn’t the first time and I’m sure it wont be the last, it is shameful a shame that people feel they can try and use my blog against me. I’m sure time could be better spent giving me less to write about!

I’m going to remain quiet for a *while, not because I don’t want to upset anyone, and certainly not because I have anything to hide.  Instead I’d like to encourage my readers, old and mostly new, to explore my blog, click some of the links, read some of the other blogs that I’ve recommended, share what you read, learn and stop assuming I’m neurotic enjoy!  You’ll see a lot of rants about school similarities and familiar themes I’m sure.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to invite my fellow adoption bloggers, and adoption **experts to write a ‘guest post’. I’d like you to support me by allowing me the honor of sharing your stories and spreading your word on all matters ‘adoption’. You can email me at familyof5@live.co.uk if you’d like to write a ‘guest post’ or just get in touch.


*probably wont be long, I find writing hugely cathartic and feel strongly about sharing our story.

** adoptive parents are the experts


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