Lets talk B.O!

Published August 9, 2015 by thefamilyof5

Can we? is it ok to talk about it?

Body Odor in children is one of those things no one really likes to talk about isn’t it, but, lets make an exception, just for now.

My kids are smelly. Very smelly. Sometimes they’re so smelly that being in the car with them on the way to or from school is almost unbearable.

‘So shower them!!’ I hear you all muttering. Well I do. In fact they are probably 3 of the cleanest kids I know. But they still smell. In fact I’ve known them get out of the shower stinky!

All 3 girls have used roll on deodorants for a few years now. It pained me to buy them deodorant, it seemed so wrong, they were still so young, babies really, but they stank so I bought some. It helped but it didn’t completely fix the issue.

Now I’m no scientist, but I’ve worked out that they sweat, a lot. I don’t know about you but I only really sweat when its hot in the summer (in the UK this isn’t often), or I’m super stressed out.

‘Stressed Out’ yup, that’s it, Stress! My kids stink when they’re stressed.

I’ve noticed something new lately and its made me realise just how bad they stink.

I’ve noticed how nice they smell! I haven’t smelt any BO for weeks! Weeks!! I’m not even kidding!

Nothing has changed with their hygiene routine, they’re no cleaner now than they were before the summer holidays. In fact, Its possible they may even be showering slightly less during the holidays, so they should be more pongy shouldn’t they!?! But they’re not!

Because they’re not stressed, they’re not sweaty!

Noticing all of this has made me really sad. The realisation of just how stressed out my 3 stinky little monkeys must be on an almost daily basis at school is just heartbreaking.

So next time you walk past a stinky kid, don’t be too quick to judge! Maybe they’re just having a rough day!


10 comments on “Lets talk B.O!

  • Oh boy–is that what it is??? It hadn’t even occurred to me that it might be stress/anxiety/depression. I dragged Hope to the doctor last week for a full blood work panel. It was time for her annual physical, but I told the doc beforehand about her funkiness. I totally understand you. I wash her clothes with baking soda and frebreeze her room regularly. On my work from home days I air out her room when she’s not there just to stay on top of the surrounding funk. Now I have a clue that it’s being triggered by her stress. Yes, talk about BO!! It’s a thing and you’ve given me a big heads up. Thanks.

  • It’s good you’ve seen the pattern but sad that the reason is stress. Katie has started to get some B.O. when she’s really hot. She’s only 7! I was horrified. Thankfully it doesn’t seem stress related (although hormonal feels scary). There are deodorants out there aimed at teens which are minus the nasty stuff in adult ones. X

  • That’s one thing I have really noticed about myself. I had a rough week last week. I smelled all week. It was dreadful. People here bathe maybe once a week. Deodorant is totally inadequate. But I have to have good quality deodorant and a bath every day, or I really, really stink. Sometimes I still smell more than anyone else does.

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