The Challenge ;)

Published April 15, 2015 by thefamilyof5

I’ve noticed the last month or so that middle girl has started getting annoyed with baby girl using a shortened version of her name (which she’s always done I add). Middle girl is frequently shouting at baby girl to ‘stop calling me that, my name is xyyz’ often resulting in some sort of strop and argument between them.

This morning, after trying to explain to middle girl why it was so difficult for baby girl to suddenly stop calling her the name she’s always called her, I decided to set middle girl a challenge.

So, for the whole of today she’s to try and always use baby girls first and last name every time she says her name.

Its lunch time, she hasn’t managed it once yet, but she has giggled about it, which is a relief because it could have easily become something else to sulk about! 🙂





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