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Full Steam Ahead In Windsor and Maidenhead #adoptionschoolstrain

Published February 3, 2015 by thefamilyof5

Change is coming! Resistance is futile!
“There will always be schools that fail and teachers that wont listen” is this you?
If not and you believe that society’s most vulnerable children deserve the best from their education then there’s an #adoptionschoolstrain heading your way and your gonna want to make sure you have your tickets ready, if you snooze, you’ll loose and Ofsted ain’t treating those looser’s lightly!

Gareth Marr

The Department for Education came to see us in December. Edward Timpson, the Minister for Children was briefed on the way our Local Authority (LA) has extended the support of the Virtual School to adopted children. We have been sent the following from the DfE to be included in a press release about our work.

Edward Timpson MP, Minister for Children and Families, who grew up with two adopted brothers, said:

“Like children in care, adopted children face unique challenges at school and often struggle to keep up with their classmates. It’s vital that these vulnerable children are given the targeted support they need and the education they deserve to help them get on in life. 

I’m delighted that the Royal Borough has extended their scheme to support the education of adopted children at school and I hope other local authorities will be inspired by such an innovative approach.”


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