She isn’t the same…………………

Published January 27, 2015 by thefamilyof5

This is an old post, but one that feels very relevant again. Baby girl is struggling right now, I’m not sure why, I’m not sure of the trigger or how to make it all better for her, all I know is she’s struggling and that tornado of chaos insider her is picking up speed once again.
Fortunately she now has teachers in school that understand her, I no longer have to dread those daily conversations about shameful punishments and carrot dangling reward systems, those are (mostly) a thing of the past thankfully.
So i’ll leave you with this little reminder of why baby girl, and so many other traumatised children, are NOT the same.

The Family of 5's Journey

She isn’t the same, her story is one of fear, neglect, terror and trauma. Her story is not the same as any other child in her class, in fact her story is not the same as any other child in her school, not even her sisters, so how can she be ‘the same’!

Baby girl wasn’t bought in to this world surrounded by love and hope, she was bought in to this world surround by chaos and fear. Even before she took her very first breath she was being subjected to emotional and physical abuse, from what should have been the safety of the womb she was already being abused, neglected, damaged. Her veins already being filled with cortisol levels that only you and I experience in times of sheer terror. Her neural pathways being damaged beyond repair as her development changed its path in order to prepare its self…

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