Photo Challenge #FO5photo day 24

Published December 15, 2014 by thefamilyof5

Today is 24 of 31 of the #FO5photo challenge, today’s (actually yesterday’s but I’m playing catch up) theme is ‘Guilty Pleasure’.

I try really hard to indulge in this once a week, all in aid of ‘self care’ of course, it doesn’t always work out that way, morning meetings and appointments and ‘stuff to do’ often get in the way, but if I’m lucky, then I get to treat myself to this guilty pleasure………..

Sainsbury Cafe 'scrambled eggs and bacon' breakfast with a pot of Earl Grey!

Sainsbury Cafe ‘scrambled eggs and bacon’ breakfast with a pot of Earl Grey!

2 comments on “Photo Challenge #FO5photo day 24

  • I have always been surprised that my youngest adoptive daughter has participated in someway in the school plays- because she is always stressed in the way you describe. I only found out this year that she no longer participates in rehearsals but has jobs to do round the school. A teaching assistant goes over her lines and stages prompts her on the day. This seems the perfect balance as we have success and the behaviour at home is wobbly but manageable.

    • Wow that’s such a great idea! The build up is certainly the biggest issue I feel! Without that I’m sure they’d all manage fine. As the previous school they all took part in plays without a hitch, I don’t recall the endless rehearsals to be honest, so maybe that’s the difference here, too much build up. Thanks for sharing!

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