#AdoptionSchoolsTrain – Bulletins on the Journey

Published December 2, 2014 by thefamilyof5

What an amazing journey, it’s a journey my children have desperately needed for such a long time, it’s a journey that could have saved us so much stress over the years, we’re waiting to board this train, we’ve had our tickets ready for a long time, we’ve earned our seat in 1st class and now we’re really hoping our Local Authority will see sense and buy a life time season pass!

(Great post from the amazing Gareth Marr)

Gareth Marr

Get on board!

I’ve always loved the metaphor of a journey when working towards a goal. When a lot of people are involved we need a train to carry us all. I hope as many as possible will board the #AdoptionSchoolsTrain as we travel towards a destination of support and care for our children in their school days. There are many on board already with great ideas, offers of help and support. Read on to meet them and see where the train is going.

Our destination

1. At our destination every adopted child will be offered structured support during their school career. Local Authorities will extend the scope of the Virtual School to cover adopted children and those with Special Guardianship Orders (SGOs).

2. All children in scope will be offered Personal Education Plans managed by the parent and a designated teacher at the school. When the child is old…

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