Photo Challenge #FO5photo Day 6

Published November 26, 2014 by thefamilyof5

The theme for the photo challenge today is ‘Something that makes you smile’

When I was a child I longed for a sister. I even dressed my younger brother up as a girl once, he was about 4 or 5 at the time I think, he didn’t seem to mind but destroyed all the photographic evidence a few years later! 😉

My mum remarried when I was about 14,  and just over a year later my 2nd little baby brother came along, he was adorable, never cried, always giggled and being a teenage girl I doted on him, he’s now in his 20’s and a bit less adorable 😉

When I was about 21 I moved out of my parents house, it was around the same time my little blonde blue eye’d sister arrived in the world,  she was the total opposite of my baby brother, she cried, a lot, in fact she screamed almost all the time (at least that’s how I remember her) and she had the attitude of a teenager from age 2, I dreaded being asked to baby sit, she was such hard work!

That little blonde haired girl is now a beautifully matured young lady of 17, she is amazingly kind hearted and generous. She has been my saving grace many times, she’s accompanied us on holidays and helped with the girls, made me smile when I’ve felt sad, baby sat when I’ve needed a break, she’s my best friend, I love her and I’m proud to call her my sister. When she is old enough, she will also be the person we appoint legal guardian to our children, (should one ever be required). She’s come a long way from that dinner throwing, tantrumming, stubborn little madam that shouted ‘NO’ so much!

She bought me this bracelet last year, she has a matching one, it sits on my bedside table and is the last thing I see each evening before I close my eyes. No matter how bad my day has been, or how sad I feel, it always makes my heart smile.

If you’d like to join in with this photo challenge, or find out what its all about, go and read ‘Day 1’ and then get started yourself, Its all in aid of ‘Self Care’!


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