Photo Challenge #FO5photo day 5

Published November 25, 2014 by thefamilyof5

Today’s theme is ‘something you wore’.

I wore a smile all day yesterday even though I was feeling under the weather. I made something that I’ve never been brave enough to do before.

I made ‘Stew’, I know it doesn’t sound like much but, those who know me will know how little I cook. In fact, during the approval process to adopt our social worker even suggested I take lessons because we literally just ate out ALL the time! I’m still not a great cook, I can follow a recipe, just, but only if it’s really basic! Thankfully the girls like ‘kiddy’ food which generally comes straight out of a packet and into the oven for 25-30minutes, and I like burnt toast and soup (MrFO5 will eat anything, literally!), so my lack of culinary flare has never been a real issue!

I do love beef Stew though, and you don’t tend to be able to buy it ready made in supermarkets, probably because they figure ‘any fool can make it’.  I’m not sure where or when I first ate it, but I know I loved it! Everyone has always told me how easy it is to make, ‘just chuck it all in a pot and leave it’ they say, but I’ve never been quite brave enough, I mean what if I ruined it, the risks were too great!?!

However, with my focus firmly on ‘self care’ I decided to give it a go (with lots of advice and googling), so what if it was awful, we could just order take away, I reasoned.

But we didn’t need to order in, because I turned this……….

In to this………..

It was amazing! (even if I do say so myself)

I wore the biggest proudest smile I’ve ever worn!


10 comments on “Photo Challenge #FO5photo day 5

  • Your stew looks fab I remember trying to make our first meal when we brought our boys home being able to cook didn’t even come into it. I am enjoying having a look around your blog. I have put off blogging for years but it’s time to try and find some head space I can call my own.

  • No matter how simple a recipe is, if you haven’t made it before then its hard work! This looks absolutely delicious, as does the mash.

    It took me months to learn how to cook when I moved in with my OH! wine is great is a stew, ale is also fab.

    I hope you enjoy cooking a bit more now! X

      • I reached my soup limit when I first bought a slow cooker and now the thought of soup makes me Ill! But if your girls enjoy it then you are so on to a winner!!!

    • I remember making vegetable soup when the girls first came home, in my pressure cooker, the house smelt for weeks and the thought of it made me heave! Only MrFO5 ate it!
      This soup makers so much easier! 🙂

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