Detention with the Prime Minister!

Published November 2, 2014 by thefamilyof5

A couple of weeks ago big girl came home with a form/letter advising parents that the school nurse would be recording the heights and weights of all the year 6 children. It was optional.

Big girls teacher explained what would happen to the whole class and made a special point of talking to big girl and myself at the end of the day to reassure her.

I talked to big girl about it, I explained that it was just the government’s way of making sure that any schools with a high number of over weight or under weight children had all the resources they needed to educate children and parents about healthy eating.  Big girl asked a few questions about why, and how, and I explained that all the school nurses for all the schools in England would produce a report that would be sent to the government. I gave her the choice and she decided she was happy to take part.

And that was that, or so I thought.

Big girl was particularly hyper the following week of school and her teacher and I commented that it was probably just end of term excitement, afterall, there was nothing else going on to worry her.

Half term has been a difficult week, her anxiety levels have been high and she hasn’t been sleeping, this has had an effect on baby and middle girls moods.  So it’s been another difficult half term as you can imagine.

Yesterday I reached the end of my tether, none of the girls were sleeping, all of them were in grumpy angry moods and I’d had enough!

I sat them down and asked, the same question I’d been asking all week, ‘what’s the matter?’

Baby girl: well I keep waking up in the night because I’m worried that big girl is going to start pinching herself again

Middle girl: I keep thinking big girl is going to shout again

Big girl: Well I’ve been worrying what will happen next Thursday when nurse weighs me and the prime minister gets the report that says I’m under weight!

So baby girl and middle girl were indeed sensing big girls anxiety as I’d suspected,  and they had been bracing themselves for another explosion.

Needless to say I reassured big girl that the prime minister wouldn’t get a report with her name on, the report was more likely to be in the form of a tally chart etc I explained it to her properly, like I thought I had the first time, but more in-depth this time, and she seemed to be releived to hear that David Cameron wasn’t going to knock on our door and demand she gain weight!

There’s always something, no matter how hard I try to cover all the bases, all the angles and all the possibilities there is always something I miss and the knock on effect is always weeks of drama, if only she’d tell me her worries sooner!


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