School Update

Published October 10, 2014 by thefamilyof5

There’s been a lot of changes since we started back at school in September, and most of those are positive changes and I’m pleased to say that it seems we finally have a head teacher that is supportive rather than dismissive and judgmental! hooray!

So, we had a meeting at school a few weeks ago and for the first time, I left feeling reassured and hopeful,so let me tell you about some of those changes!

Firstly, It was agreed that they would use a small portion of the girls Pupil Premium Plus money to undertake some whole school attachment training! I’m very happy with this!

Its also been agreed that the deputy head, who also happens to be big girls teacher will act as a ‘key person’ in school. This means they have someone to greet them at the beginning and end of their day, someone to check in with them through the day and make sure they’re ok, someone they can hopefully over time build up a level of trust, which means they’ll hopefully have a constant relationship/attachment figure, throughout their time at the school which should allow them to feel safer in school. Its also great news for me, It means I no longer have to be the mom that needs to see 3 different teachers most mornings, or  the mom that’s on the play ground each evening waiting to speak to 3 different teachers, and more importantly, I’m not going to be the mom that spends so much time trying to support individual teachers in trying to understanding the girls and their needs, only to have to start again each year with a new teacher. I’m really confident that the right member of staff was chosen (actually she volunteered, crazy lady doesn’t know what she’s let herself in for does she!!), she’s already shown so much interest and enthusiasm in supporting the girls, she says all the right things, she’s even asked me for information on attachment and how to support the girls in school, (I know, unheard of isn’t it!! Someone pinch me please!) she’s fed back to teachers information/concerns that I’ve raised with her and vise versa. She’s kept her eye on the curriculum for potential triggers. She’s someone in school that hopefully over time they will feel they can talk to when they have a problem. I’m super happy with this.

And finally, a lunch time group has been set up to support big girl and give her an alternative to the playground that she struggles so much with! She and I are very happy with this!

For the first time since moving to this school, I feel heard. For the first time since moving to this school, I feel there’s a chance that things will get easier for the girls in school!


10 comments on “School Update

  • That is great news. As you know, I am so lucky with J’s school as all staff are attachment trained and all are happy to listen, learn & help. We had a meeting yesterday, set up by his teacher and Sendco, just for me to fill her in on ‘J’. Her words were, ‘tell me about ‘J’ and what I need to do to make him happy in school’. It was a 90 minute meeting!!
    She has gone away to think and put ideas into action.

    • That’s brilliant! Its such a shame that ALL schools cant be this accommodating, it seems the level of support and understanding you get, depends on the personal views of head teachers and teaching staff, which is wrong isn’t it.

  • This sounds brilliant! The key person greeting the girls each day is one of Louise Bomber’s recommendations, and I think she’s great!
    The whole school training sounds brilliant too. If every member of staff has some idea about attachment, that has to be helpful.
    Most importantly, you came out of a school meeting happy! If the school can work with you, that bodes well.
    So pleased for you all.

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