Published September 21, 2014 by thefamilyof5

I’m reblogging this piece I wrote about ‘change’, a lot of you seemed to like it and it’s that time of year that we find ourselves explaining to teachers why our children are struggling with all the ‘change’ in school. So here you go, hope there’s something in there to help you, feel free to share!

The Family of 5's Journey

I doubt there are many adopters that can read the title of this blog without a shudder of sheer horror running down their spine.

‘Change’ is difficult for most adopted children. In the same way that the Autistic child thrives on routine, structure and familiarity, the Adopted child feels safe when there is routine, structure and familiarity.
For the adopted child, this stems from their past traumas. At times of change in their past, bad things happened.
A new violent boyfriend moved in,
A change in mood was the difference between being safe or not,
Social workers changed everything when they removed them,
A change in foster carer turned their world upside down again,
A new family took them away from everything they knew, more change.

Change was always very scary, so why should they believe that change can ever be anything other than scary. Its not just a memory…

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