I just don’t get it…….

Published September 9, 2014 by thefamilyof5

Teacher: “ashfshh skghgh jdghihg sighskgh ok?”

Middle girl: “ok”

Girl in class: ” geigh digyig oidhgi dkvh ihf htya wanna play?”

Middle girl: “no thank you”

Boy in class: “skhg dkgh kdhk ssfh sgkhskf jdhfsdk”

Middle girl: *smiles and walks away

Dinner lady: “why did you kfh sg sghs skghsh sghslg?”

Middle girl: “I dont know”

Lady in shop: sdh skgh skdhg skhgs?

Middle girls: *smiles and hides behind me

Ok ok so people didn’t really say this to middle girl, but I think a lot of the time this is what she hears.

I’ve had a really long conversation tonight with middle girl, it was mostly long because she found it so difficult to explain things to me and to find the words she needed. It was supposed to be a general chat with all 3 girls about how they’d found their first 5 days of school and what they disliked most and what they liked most, it was mostly for big girls benefit because she’s struggling with something at the moment but is refusing to talk to me about it, it didn’t work, all I got was chairs bumping in to her in class and noisy kids, none of which I feel are the real issue she struggling with so I’m still none the wiser about whats keeping her awake all night and all baby girl said was that she doesn’t like it when her teacher shouts as it scares her, she was just too tired and too wired to offer any more, but middle girl, well she had so much she wanted to tell me.

What did you just say!?

What did you just say!?

I cant tell you the specifics about our conversation because it was so fragmented and so difficult for me to make sense of that I really wouldn’t know where to start, but the gist of it was basically that a lot of the time she just doesn’t get why people say the things they say and do the things they do, there is just so much in her world that she is confused about and so much that she doesn’t understand and she’s feeling really frustrated by it all. There wasn’t a specific theme to her confusion either, so it wasn’t all about her peers, or all about her teachers, some of it was expressions, some of it words, some of it actions. It was even simple things like “why do they keep saying SHE to Miss XYZ when my name is middle girl, I just don’t get it!?”

My poor baby, it must be like living in a foreign country and not speaking the language!



4 comments on “I just don’t get it…….

  • Poor kid. That must be exhausting!

    The last thing you mentioned sounds familiar. My daughter has a hard time with pronouns (being called she or her), nicknames (even honey or sweetheart), and occasionally descriptions/compliments of herself (ie – you’re so cute/big/brave). “NO, I’m Becca!” she insists each time. I’m not sure why she finds this upsetting/confusing, but she’s determined to assert her identity. It’s so hard to know what’s going on in their heads when they see the world so differently than we do.

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