Last weekend we……..

Published August 24, 2014 by thefamilyof5

‎I’d like to say it was unexpected and came out of no where, but I cant.

It had been building for some time,
the trauma, the stress, the fear of returning to school was bubbling just beneath the surface like an active volcano.
The idea of returning to school was too much for her, it had become a catalyst for everything else, the wrong game, the wrong words, the wrong thoughts, the stress was consuming her.
It started with a pinch, then a punch, the intensity with each one growing,  the marks on her skin appearing bigger and redder.
Before we knew what was happening she was really hurting herself, I held her wrists to stop her, unsure of what I was doing and terrified of making things worse. I held her for some time, all the time she was trying to break free and hurt herself, MrFO5 took over after a while, talking to her gently, holding her, keeping her safe whilst the trauma and the stress raged within.  Her sisters and I sat and watched, crying, frightened of what was happening, our arms wrapped around each other, feeling helpless.
It had been a typical sunday morning, quite dull and overcast, quite an unremarkable day really, but it will be one I will never forget!
Last weekend we all felt the depth and magnitude of big girls trauma.
 I’ve linked this up over at The Adoption Social, the theme for this week’s #WASO is ‘last weekend we’.



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