Sports Day

Published June 26, 2014 by thefamilyof5

A funny thing happened at school, for the first time ever, they proactively approached me about something they thought might be an issue, actually it wasn’t very funny at all.

Stood on the playground with all 3 girls at the end of the day just before May half term I was approached by middle girls teacher and the head of KS2.

‘We wanted to talk to you about sports day, Its straight after half term and we thought it might be a potential trigger for the girls so they may not want to take part’

I’m not sure if those are the exact words they used, but that’s what I heard.

My girls heard ‘you don’t have to do sports day if you don’t want to’.

I knew sports day was coming up, it had been in the news letters a couple of times and the girls had talked to me about ‘sports day practice’. Sports day had never been a major issue before, yes there has always been anxiety, but we’ve always coped and I’ve always been there to support them or give them a hug if needed. We’ve managed.

This time however, Sports day had just became a whole lot more stressful.
Big girl, who hates sports day, said as we walked off the playground ‘I’m not going to do sports day then ok mommy’
Middle girl gave herself pep talks all the way home ‘I can do, it’ll be fine, yes I’m sure it’ll be ok, I want to win but I’ll be ok if I don’t, I’m sure it’ll be ok, wont it?’ So much pressure.
Baby girl, well it was too much of a choice, ‘I’m not sure mommy, I might want to do it but I might not like it so perhaps I shouldn’t do it, but then I might miss out and regret it so maybe I should, but I might loose and be rubbish, so maybe I shouldn’t do it’.

This went on for several days, until I said ‘Your doing it, It’ll be fine, You’ve always done sports day before, I will be there, We’ll have a lovely time, It doesn’t matter if you don’t win, we’ll just have fun and enjoy it’.

So I’m now the horrible mommy that’s making them do something the teacher said they didn’t have to, great.

I love that school tried to be proactive, It shows me that they’re listening to me and trying, just a shame they didn’t think to talk to me in private.


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