The futures bright…….. well, brighter!

Published May 31, 2014 by thefamilyof5

I was very privileged, along with a few other adoptive parents, to meet with Sir Martin Narey recently.

Sir Martin Narey has been advising the government on adoption issues since 2012, more recently he was chosen to chair a new board that will advise the government on how to improve the adoption process including post adoption support.

A small number of us were given the opportunity to share our stories and concerns. Education and Post Adoption support being the most talked about area’s.

Sir Martin Narey spent most of the meeting tentatively listening to the stories of unsupported families, he expressed sadness and disbelief to most of what he heard, he offered empathy and promised to take on board all of the information that was shared with him, and I believe he will.

Sir Martin Narey is a key figure in the future of adoption, if your involved in adoption and you don’t know who he is, then you should. He tweets and he emails but most of all he listens and acts.

If your a teacher, or head/virtual head, social worker or family support worker you also need to know who this man is, because he’ll be suggesting changes to your roles/training/processes too!

I was very grateful for the opportunity to meet the man that has had such a huge impact on the level of post adoption support we receive as a family, I feel hopeful that the future of all aspects of adoption will be better and brighter for everyone. Perhaps not today, or tomorrow, but I am confident that things will get better.


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