Catch up!

Published May 16, 2014 by thefamilyof5

Right its time for a catch up, there’s been so much happening here and so much I wanted to tell you all that I’ve realised If I keep waiting for my head to clear and make sense of it all, I’m never going to get any of it out of my head and on to here!

So, here goes my ‘bleugh update’:

I wanted to tell you about the day the school head teacher left and the girls came out of school sobbing like their world had ended. The teachers gave me that look that said ‘ahh so sweet that they’re going to miss her so much’, not one of them considered the impact of the highly emotional ‘leaving’ assembly, with poems and speeches, crying staff and sobbing students, had on my girls, they weren’t grieving for the loss of the teacher they barely knew, they were grieving for their own past and it traumatic losses, they were re-traumatised by the whole experience. If Id know such an assembly was taking place I wouldn’t have sent them to school that day.

I wanted to tell you about the ASD assessments that baby girl and middle girl have been undergoing with the organisation that diagnosed big girls Autism in 2012. There’s too much detail to tell you so I’ll just tell you the result instead. Middle girl will be receiving a working diagnosis of Autism so she will be receiving support in school from the Autism Outreach Team which is great, it also means that she is able to take advantage of the support services offered by the organisation, baby girl will be getting a ‘Watchful Wait’ report, which means we’ll look again in a year.

I wanted to tell you about the new temporary head teacher and my brief chat with him on his second day, poor man I didn’t give him much time did I, any way he seems to understand the girls needs, well more so than the previous head teacher (remember her call to Child Protection Services, urgh) any way, as I said, he seemed to get the importance of understanding their needs and acknowledging them. He talked about ‘resilience and tough love’ briefly too, I’m unsure of his ideas around these so Im not sure he totally ‘gets it’ but he was willing to listen to me and that’s a good starting point. Now I just need to get him to talk to me about the plans for the Pupil Premium Plus!

I wanted to tell you about the Anxiety counselling that big girl has been receiving from the organisation that support her Autism, She’s been doing great and made huge steps in being honest about her worries rather than just dismissing them and saying ‘im fine’, like she usually does. She’s had 4 or 5 sessions and has managed to open up to the counselor/therapist better than I’ve seen her open up to anyone, other than me of course 🙂 So Im hoping that the new skills and insight that she’s had around her own reactions and responses to ‘worries’ will help her in the future. Fingers crossed please!

I wanted to tell you about how Big girl and I have been working on her being brave enough to let people know when she has a ‘need’, i.e hungry, hurt, sad, worried etc she has also been working really hard on telling other people about the things she’s finding hard, so for example she was really brave and told her teacher that the place where she has to hang her coat and bag in the mornings was difficult for her, it was ‘squishy’ so I’m guessing it was too much sensory input for her to manage. She also excelled herself by telling the lady from Autism Outreach how she ‘really’ finds school instead of just trying to please them by saying ‘I love school its great’ like she has in the past. I’m so proud of her and the huge and brave steps she’s making right now.

I wanted to update you on the ‘private therapy’ front also. In early February we finally found a local therapist able to offer us a service and approached the placing authority (PA) with the details for approval. After waiting and waiting and waiting some more they finally responded and said in a round about fashion that they were no longer sure if they’d be able to fund the therapy they’d promised us back in September and that actually they felt it might be more of the responsibility for our local authority (LA) to fund due to the ‘Post 3 year deadline for support’ being in June. So the LA and PA argued it out for a while and finally at the end of April it was agreed that the PA would fund the initial assessment stage and the funding for the actual therapy would be addressed once that was complete. So this week and next week we will be undergoing the assessment stage. I then anticipate months of ‘discussion’ between the LA and PA whilst they decide who will pay for the actual therapy!

I wanted to tell you about sleep, we’ve made some really big changes and progress with big girl and middle girls sleep routine and its paying off, they’re getting much better ‘sleep’ and we’re really hoping it continues. Baby girl however, well since going back to school after Easter she’s gone from taking 5-10 minutes to fall asleep to over 2 hours. I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of whats going on with her yet, It could be the new ‘male’ head teacher that’s temporarily joined the school, We are seeing a recent pattern of baby girl struggling with men. There was a brief mention of it in the reports from back in the day but in all honesty I’d put it to the back of my mind as nothing had ever caused me to think it was ongoing. However, she ‘flunked’ a cognitive assessment that the ASD organisation conducted, we wouldn’t have known to question anything if she’d never had a cognitive assessment before, however the one she completed with CAMHS last year was conducted by a woman and she scored highly. Or it could be that the class TA has been away for a period of time, although I don’t think that would explain all of it as I think she was there for the 1st week after Easter. Or it could be something else? Either way somethings going on, there are various little signs to tell me she’s not feeling quite right at the moment. Answers on a postcard please 🙂

So that’s us, it isn’t the in depth detailed update I wanted to write and there so much more that’s just buried too deep in my brain right now, but its enough to get the backlog out of my head and on here so I can move on with regular updates 🙂


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