THE talk.

Published March 28, 2014 by thefamilyof5

I’ve been a mummy for almost 4 years.
Most ‘4yr’ in mummy’s are just recovering from the terrible 2’s and 3’s and preparing themselves for the separation anxiety that awaits them once nursery starts.

There’s this little girl, she’s 9, I’ve been her mommy for less than 4 years.
She doesn’t trust me, she doesn’t confide in me, she doesn’t talk to me.
Today we had THE talk, you know the one, the one about periods and puberty.

A little premature you may think but I’m not so sure, the signs are all there, I don’t think it will be long.
We all know that adopted children develop differently, well this is just another aspect. From a very early age big girls body was preparing its self for survival and what better way to survive than to grow up, fast.

So we had the talk, I didn’t go in to too much detail, she’s not emotionally ready to understand the ‘whys’ of what her body will be doing, so I focused just on ‘what’ will happen so she knows what to expect.

It went well I think, I didnt giggle or vomit and neither did she, in fact she simply replied with:

‘Oh ok…………….erm mommy is that a cathedral?’

I hope somewhere inside, beneath the facade of her smile and obliviousness that she heard what I said and wont think she’s dying when it happens. I hope that when it happens she will come to me like we agreed and she wont feel like she needs to sort it all out by herself. I hope in time conversations like this wont be so difficult!


On the plus side, there is a great range of pretty and discreet products for young girls these days, there is even a lovely little starter pack with a selection of various products including the teeniest tampons I’ve ever seen! Its all neatly packaged its own pretty little bag with a little booklet explaining all about puberty, it is a shame all the products say ‘teens’ on them I thought, but an impressive and cute selection non the less. And we all know how important ‘cute things’ are to little girls.


11 comments on “THE talk.

  • It’s not too soon according to my own experience. Thank you for this. I love the idea around the pretty starter pack and will do this with my girls.

  • Oh I dread the day. I think my girl will worry and ask way too many questions. My parents didn’t discuss it with me at all. I found out myself one day on holiday and had a book on my pillow when I returned off holiday.
    Now my boy, I think he will go really high pitched before being really low. Dreading it

    Well done you in doing it

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