A recipe for a happy dinner time!

Published March 23, 2014 by thefamilyof5

There’s a theme over at The Adoption Social this week for their #WASO link up, I won’t deny that my heart sank when I found out that was ‘Recipes’.
Baking days with my girls was something i’d really looked forward too, hell I even practised with some basic cake and biscuit Recipes and bought lots of baking ‘stuff’ before they came home in preparation.

Sadly, for now, it’s just too much. There’s too much competitiveness and controlling for it to be a fun experience. In fact food in general is no fun, their reluctance to ‘try’ new foods, their poor eating habits, their controlling behaviours all make for a pretty miserable dinner time.

However, for some reason eating out always seems to go much better, I suspect it’s their compliance, their need to make sure the world around them doesn’t ‘notice’ them, because if people start ‘noticing’ them, well who knows what they’ll do?!


So our recipe for a happy dinner time is simply to eat out, and we do, often!



10 comments on “A recipe for a happy dinner time!

    • Ah yes we’ve tried that 🙂
      We’ve tried making their own pizza’s too!
      Things aren’t as bad as they used to be at meal times in all honesty but that’s because we’ve an established routine now which they know. They’re still reluctant to try new foods, and can be messy/hurried/greedy eaters and they still compete for everything i.e to finish first/last, make the most/least mess, it’s madness some days but we’re used to it now 🙂

      Sadly though their competitiveness and need to be in control is still too intense for baking/cooking days though -_-

  • I recognise this! We started with simple banana milkshakes, with lemon and sugar around the to of the glass. Simple, fast, quick reward. A good first step into cooking.

    But eating out – a much better solution! Mx

  • Eating out sounds like a good option – i always prefer to eat out… Apart from the fact that you have to pay there is nothing not to like! 🙂

  • Hope has little desire to help out and is becoming a picky eater. It’s a control thing. I enjoy kicking and have just come to use that as my time to decompress. Eating out is sometimes much easier around these parts as well.

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