Its all been a bit too much

Published March 19, 2014 by thefamilyof5

It was Sports Relief day in school today. There was a sponsored walk and lots of other lovely sporting activities planned for the day, the children all went to school in sporty clothes ready to have fun.

I was greeted tonight by baby girl who manically did star jumps across the playground before bouncing in to me. She looked as though she was having a major sugar rush, really hyper. I asked her if she’d had a nice day, she threw her arms around me, nuzzled her face into my jumper and stayed there, her heart beating rapidly.

Big girl came out of school looking gravely worried. I asked her if something had happened, she said no and edged closer, I asked if she’d fallen out with her friends, she said no and edge closer still, have you enjoyed your day, I asked, ‘it’s been ok’ she said as she put her arms around me for a cuddle, and there she stayed.

Middle girl came out of school her usual smiley self and reverted to her usual angry self once we got home.

Big girl has talked tonight of how she chose to help look after the younger children during the walk, the ‘perceived’ responsibility she felt for these 2 small children proved to be too much for her, she was emotionally drained and physically exhausted. You’d think that would make a perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep. Quite the opposite in fact, it’s the perfect recipe for a night of tossing and turning unable to sleep, cortisol rushing through her veins.

Baby girl found the excitement and change of her normal routine overwhelming. She spent the evening clingy and tearful before thrashing about in bed until she couldn’t any longer.

Middle girls spent the majority of last night awake, probably thinking about the day ahead. Tonight she was moody and angry right through to bedtime where she angrily thrashed around for almost 2hours before finally dropping off.

The uncertainty, excitement, and pressure of unstructured days in school has always been too much for my girls, it’s the reason why I’ve always taken them out for the last week of the school year, I’d hoped this year would be different.

The last week of the school year is generally filled with lots of lovely (scary) exciting activities rather than all that (safe) boring school work, all topped off with a huge helping of loss.

It makes me sad that the things that are supposed to be fun and exciting for my babies, are actually scary and overwhelming instead.

I’ve linked this post up with this weeks #WASO over at The Adoption Social.


8 comments on “Its all been a bit too much

  • How I feel for them. No doubt they were keen to be involved and swept along by the excitement of the day only to find that it brought about over whelming feels of awfulness. It’s really hard for schools to understand that fun activities like this can be so upsetting for a child. I think your idea of taking them out of the last week of school is a good one. I hope they are more settled today and get better sleep later. xxx

    • Oh my yes, they’ll even volunteer themselves for things they don’t like or find too stressful. I’ve just mentioned all this in an IEP review meeting actually and school were quite surprised to hear how difficult they’d found it and suggested perhaps they were just tired, it was a lot of fresh air and exercise after all! -_-

  • I can really relate to your experience. We had a very similar thing with my Acorn. It was his birthday this week, as well as Sports Relief. He so wants to enjoy things, but just finds the changes in his routine overwhelming. (He did say he enjoyed his birthday, which we kept very low key this year, though.)

  • Is there anything more frustrating than having an “expert” assume that they know better than you the behaviors of your child and what they mean? So many well-meaning people are so not-helpful in the end. I hope you were able to help them get back on track quickly.

  • Grrrrrr. Tired? Too much fresh air?! HA! Why don’t people just LISTEN to what we are saying about our kids? Today I got an ‘all kids do that’ comment and that was so far away from what I needed. I’ve decided to stop talking about J to my family and just tell them it’s all fine. Except for my 87 year old Nana who seems to get it!

    It sucks to see our kids struggle so much with what others do so easily. I wish there was a faster, longer lasting way to make things easier when you know they are going to have a difficult time with something:( Sounds like you’ve come up with some great solutions to help them out – way to go mama! I hope everyone has settled back in by now.

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