Mommy knows best!

Published March 17, 2014 by thefamilyof5

Big girl: we have to wear green on Monday mommy?
Me: do you? Said who?
Big girl: Mrs erm I’ve forgot her name said in assembly, it’s for St Patrick!
Me: oh, well there’s nothing in the newsletter about it, perhaps you misheard? Best to wear your uniform I’m sure there would be a letter if you had to wear green.
Big girl: No I didn’t get it wrong, that’s what they said, fine we won’t wear green and we’ll be the only ones!

She storms off chuntering to her sisters about how mommy won’t be letting them wear green and they’ll be the only ones in uniform. She was convinced to her core that I was a terrible mommy and I was going to humiliate her.

My girls have often misunderstood instructions, I’ve told them in the past they must get a letter or note from their teacher for any special requirements. I won’t deny being worried, what if they were supposed to be wearing green, whilst my head was telling me I was right, my heart was worrying about the consequences for my girls if I was wrong!!


Monday arrived, not a single item of green clothing in sight! Phew!

Me: oh look everyone’s in uniform, isn’t it a good job I didn’t send you in green clothes today girls.

Big girl: I wouldn’t have cared, everyone must have forgot because the teacher really did tell us to wear green. I don’t even know who St Patrick is so why would we celebrate anyway!

She sulks stubbornly.

I think that’s one point to me, even if big girl doesn’t want to admit it right now!


2 comments on “Mommy knows best!

  • Ha! I’ve had to get used to being wrong even when I’m right, as some days everything including the weather is my fault. I don’t believe anything unless I’ve had a note in the Diplomatic Bag, possibly the most effective form of communication ever invented 🙂

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