I feel sick, but its ok isnt it!

Published March 17, 2014 by thefamilyof5

I had a phonecall from school Friday.

School: ‘Baby girl is feeling sick and looks very pale’
Me: ‘I’ll come get her’

I collected a very miserable looking baby girl with a pale face and red blotchy watery eyes.
‘Oh dear’ I said
‘I feel sick mommy, but it’s ok isn’t it, I’m not in trouble am I’ She said.

I became suspicious from the moment we stepped in through the front door. Her mood lifted, she was chatty and smiley.

‘Do you really feel pooly, or did you just feel a bit sad?’ I asked her.

‘If I was just feeling a little bit sad will I have to go back to school?’ she asked.

It seems baby girl had found lunch time difficult.

‘My friend Gxxxx said she didn’t want to be my friend and I don’t know why because I looked after her when she had a nose bleed, it was gross, but then she said she didn’t want to play with me any more and wanted to play with Fxxx and they said I wasn’t allowed to play and at dinner time I wasnt allowed to sit by them so I didn’t have any one to sit with but Mxxx did sit by me but she wasn’t being kind mommy and I didn’t eat my dinner because I started to feel sick but Mxxx said I wasn’t felling sick but how would she know mommy, my tummy was really hurting, she didn’t know did she but she said I was lying, so I went outside but I didn’t have any one to play with and I waited by the friendship spot but no body came to play with me mommy and they’re supposed to aren’t they. Some children looked at me and just said ‘urgh I’m not playing with you’ well they didn’t actually say that mommy but that must be what they thought because they didn’t come and play with me’
(said really fast without pausing)


She then started chatting about a girl that recently left:

‘I used to play with Txxx but she’s gone now and I don’t know where she is she even left her school bag and her lunch bag at school, maybe she had an accident and is in hospital, perhaps she is lost?’

After reassuring her that her friend (travelling family) had just moved house and gone to a new school and that nothing terrible had happened to her, she calmed and enjoyed the rest of her day playing.

My poor baby girl, she probably did feel pretty sick inside.

Lonely, rejected, sad and sick.


4 comments on “I feel sick, but its ok isnt it!

  • Horrible, horrible. School is soooo hard, and I sometimes wonder whether the friendship spot (or whatever different schools call it) just makes it worse sometimes. My friend’s daughter regularly spends whole lunchtimes there just waiting and the pain of nobody coming just piles on top of having nobody in the first place. I know it’s a cliche, but kids are so cruel sometimes. I’m glad baby girl was able to come home to you where she felt safe.

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