I miss you mommy

Published March 8, 2014 by thefamilyof5

Do you remember those little wooden hearts that we gave the girls as a transition item for their first day at their new school.

Big girl and middle girl very proudly gave me back their wooden hearts after only a few days and told me that they didn’t need them anymore, I placed them back in their school bags, just in case, they haven’t been touched since. Baby girl however, well what can I say, hers has remained in the pocket of her school cardigan ever since. I return it to her school bag every Sunday evening, usually without comment, but its always back in her pocket by the time she gets home from school on a Monday, and there it stays until Friday, when I find it in the bottom of my washing machine, having survived yet another cycle.

Not looking too bad given its been through more than 20 wash cycles!

Not looking too bad given its been through more than 20 wash cycles!

I asked her this week, why it was in her pocket again. Because I miss you mommy, she replied, my heart melted.

She’s come a long way, from the little girl that marched in to nursery on her first day, past all the other kids that were screaming and clinging to their mums, she broke my heart as she walked straight in without a single glance back at me. Now she’s a little girl that wants and needs me and always hangs around for extra kisses and cuddles before she goes in to school each day.


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