Valentines, how do you do yours?

Published February 14, 2014 by thefamilyof5

I wrote this piece especially for this weeks link up ‘The things we do’ over at The Adoption Social.

February 2011 was the girl first valentines day with us. None of them knew what valentines day was so I told them. Valentines day is a day for you to show the people you love just how much you love them I said. That evening I cooked them a lovely meal and decorated the table with hearts and candles. They loved it!

This is our 3rd Valentines day and I wont deny that I seem to have got it a little better each year.

Today I even impressed myself. First I decorated the table with hearts & candles.


I placed a card and a gift on each place setting.


Next I prepared all the heart shaped food!



As soon as they came home from school they very excitedly dressed in their newly purchased princess dresses and sat down for a banquet fit for a queen!



After their feast they drank (non alcoholic) grape wine, ate heart shaped cookies and settled down to watch a princess movie.




They all went to bed with smiles! (sadly the sound of the wind battering the house has kept them awake but hey, we cant win em all)

I fear I may be making it impossible for them to be impressed by valentines treats when they’re older, I imagine them saying to future partners ‘its lovely, but my mum did it so much better’! I’m secretly glad, I don’t want them to settle for second best, I want them to know that they’re worthy of so much more and that they deserve to be loved and cherished.


14 comments on “Valentines, how do you do yours?

  • Sounds lush hun and the girls enjoyed it. Making memories like these will mean so much to them when they are older. Keep doing what you do and inspiring us fellow adoptive mummies and daddies xx

  • Oh man, do you want to be my mom? I am the WORST valentine ever next to this. Ok, next to about anything. I don’t even think I said Happy Valentines Day to mine. Granted, we don’t fuss much about any holiday around here, but wow that sounds like a fun night. I think you are so right – they’ll always think yours are better than any boy (and that is totally a good thing, perhaps you can keep this up until they are all over 25 and it might be safe enough for them to want a valentine from someone other than mom). Love this. Despite all our kids do and all that has caused them to see the world differently, they are still our kids and we need to show them that we care and think they are super special. You have definitely done that here. Thanks for sharing.

  • What a wonderful mum you are. You really did go all out to show them just how much they mean to you, what very lucky young ladies they are. I just think you are creating the very best of childhood memories for them and I’m sure they’ll glow with warmth and love when they remember their childhood valentine’s days. I got my boys a chocolate heart each,which they appreciated very much.

    Thank you for sharing on #TheThingsWeDo

    • They had chocolate hearts last year 🙂
      I really enjoy doing this for them and making them feel extra special. It doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact it wasn’t (aside from the princess dresses but that was a first and only because of a half price sale the day I went to get the 50p pizza’s lol :))

      In fact, I’m so frugal that I even save and re-use the paper hearts that I cut out for the table each year, they’re fairing well, this was their 3rd use 🙂

      Last year they had pizza too (I want heart shaped pasta for next year), but I used a pastry cutter to cut out heart shapes so they had heart pizza bites and smiley faces 🙂 this year I went all out with the pastry cutter and even cut the lettuce, that was a first and a last lol 🙂

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