Time to unwind.

Published January 9, 2014 by thefamilyof5

Baby girls off school again today. She’s not been right for several weeks now, moody, tearful, not sleeping well, in fact it could all be attributed to her tiredness, but why is she suddenly having such a hard time sleeping.

She’s always needed lots of sleep, but she’s always slept well. Recently though she’s been waking during the night and coming to find us. I’ve not been able to establish what’s going on. When I ask ‘what’s the matter?’ I’m just presented with a garbled up list of nonsense reasons such as ‘I don’t like assembly’ ‘I don’t have dinner at the same time as my sisters’ ‘I can’t see the pictures in the book when the teacher reads the story’ ‘I want music on in my room’ / ‘I don’t want music on in my room’ ‘Its not dark enough in my room’ ‘ I heard a noise’ the list goes on, I’m not sure even she knows why she’s so anxious.

So after spending most of last night awake with her I decided enough was enough.

She’s spent over an hour relaxing in the bath and now she’s watching one of her favourite movies.


I guess we all need a little ‘me time’, especially anxious little 6year olds.


4 comments on “Time to unwind.

  • NOTHING beats time! In my humble opinion you are doing exactly the right thing keeping her home. I would do it for as long as you can get away with it. We are now nearly two years out of school and haven’t regretted it once. (Well, maybe once or twice…!)

  • Articulating feelings is an incredibly complex skill. She’s talking about how she feels. You’re listening and acting on what you see and hear. You can’t do better than that.
    Hopefully she’ll get less anxious in time. Otherwise, a pattern may emerge and you’ll both be able to work out the root of the anxiety.

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