Christmas Stress

Published December 13, 2013 by thefamilyof5

Things are very tough here right now, there is a lot going on, the extensions finally complete, bedrooms will be moved around this weekend, there are lots of school plays, Christmas parties, festive activities, and lots of other ‘changes’ in school. All the girls are feeling the pressure and they’re constantly reminding me of how hard they find school life sometimes.

My girls every day stress levels are already set to high, so with the added pressure of school, Christmas and building works, they’re on stress over drive. I’m holding on as best I can until the end of term when we can all relax and enjoy some much needed festive cheer and relaxation.

Baby girls had a particularly tough week, but a day at home with mommy was the best medicine.

Baby girls had a particularly tough week, but a day at home with mommy was the best medicine.

There’s so much going on lately that I feel I have so much to share with you all and don’t know where to start. There’s been psychologist appointments, Sensory training courses, talks about therapy, discussions with post adoption support, school issues and even building works issues, so with everything that’s going on I’m struggling to find the head space at the moment to think let alone write (I’m blaming the plaster dust the builders left behind), so I find myself reading through some of my older blog posts instead.

This one really jumped out at me tonight and I wanted to share it with you again.

She isnt the same

I promise to get back to writing regular again soon, I just need to put together the pieces of my overwhelmed and exhausted brain first so bare with me folks, I haven’t gone anywhere!

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5 comments on “Christmas Stress

  • I can completely understand finding it hard to find the mind space to write, I think lots will so don’t worry about that. I linked through to the other post and it made me sickeningly sad to hear about baby girls history. We too are struggling at the moment and I recently read through all the paperwork that came with the boys just to help focus me on what we are dealing with. The fears and the anxieties of traumatised children. Hope you get to relax a little once they break up. xx

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