The trouble with 3

Published November 7, 2013 by thefamilyof5

The trouble with 3 is that someone always gets left out!

I have only 2 hands that can be held. 

1 feels rejected.


I have only 2 sides to sit beside.

1 feels frustrated.


I have only 2 knees on which to sit.

1 feels left out.


None of this is acceptable for my girls, the rejection they feel is amplified by their insecurities and lack of self worth. Its potentially very damaging.

3 attention demanding, competitive children don’t leave any space for 1:1 time, even reading a book with one is usually too much of an ask with some sort of problem requiring my immediate attention, thus taking me away from someone else. There is no sibling loyalty or compassion when it comes to attention, it’s every man (girl) for themselves, at any cost.

My girls ALL need ALL of me and anything less is never enough.

Considering cloning myself.

images (7) 

The trouble with 3, is that there is only 1 of me.


5 comments on “The trouble with 3

  • Completely understand the frustration. I’m always glad when my husband is around and then we can share the care! I always find that the other two want my attention more when one of them wants a hug! typical! 🙂

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