What is support……….

Published September 29, 2013 by thefamilyof5

Its not the condescending voice that ‘knows best’
Its not the phone that never gets answered
Its not the friends that leave when the going gets tough
Its not the family with their ‘all kids do that’ comments
Its not the social workers that fob you off
Its not the teachers that ‘know better’
Its not the therapeutic services that fail to offer therapy
Its not the feeling of being alone or lost.

Its the little voice that asks ‘are you ok’
Its the ears that listen and dont judge
Its the hands that help wipe away your tears
Its the friends that ‘stick around’
Its the family that ‘get it’
Its the authorities that take responsibility
Its the professionals that ‘know’
Its the teachers that listen and act
Its the feeling that your not alone.

To feel supported is everything.

Without support its estimated that one in five adoptions breakdown.

I’ve linked up with the Weekly Adoption Shoutout (#WASO) over at The Adoption Social. This week their theme is ‘Support’.


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