Random Wonderings about Child Trust Funds

Published September 12, 2013 by thefamilyof5

So in 2002 the UK government had this great idea that all children born after 1st Sept should be given a £250 voucher to be invested until the child reached 18. By 2011 they’d stopped them. https://www.gov.uk/child-trust-funds/overview

Luckily for my girls, they were each entitled to one when they were born. ‘great’ you might think, but it’s not so simple i’ve since discovered.

Because birth mom obviously had parental responsibility when each of my girls were born she was sent details of their eligibility. From what I can tell no action was taken by her to invest their £250 so the Government automatically did it for them. However, because ‘Child Trust Funds’ are no longer available, it would seem all the organisations that ‘know’ about them, aren’t available either, and the relevant departments, websites and telephone numbers are no longer active.

So I’m left with the difficult task of trying to change the details from birth mom’s to my own so that I can invest my children’s Trust Funds, yet no one seems to be able to help me with this.  Perhaps some sort of post adoption  procedure  needs to be put in place, my children can’t be the only adoptee’s with Child Trust Funds!


3 comments on “Random Wonderings about Child Trust Funds

  • Hi, with my girls, the social worker was able to provide me with the documentation. Have you tried that route? I was then able to contact the company responsible for the trust fund and change the details myself just using the adoption certificate. Good luck! I agree, a procedure needs to be put in place for this.

  • I am not sure if you have these links/phone numbers but this is what our SW just gave us to start to contact people regarding our (hopefully) son-to-be’s CTF. For more info about the role of the Official Solicitor/Accountant of Court as regards CTF visit: (for England and Wales) http://www.officialsolicitor.gov.uk/functions/child_trust.htm#details If you want Northern Ireland or Scotland let me know and I will type their links. Our data says If you do not have details of your CTF account you can find out which provider holds the account by writing to: Child Trust Fund Office, Waterview Park, Mandarin Way, Pattinsons Ind Est, Washington, NE38 8QG

    It says you can get more info on CTF at https://www.gov.uk/child-trust-funds/overview

    It says you should contact the provider to become the “registered contact” to be able to manage the account. If the provider informs you that the Official Solicitor or Accountant of Court is looking after the account then phone the appropriate office of the Official Solicitor/Accountant of Court – England and Wales: 020 7911 7131 (again I have numbers for Northern Ireland and Scotland if you need those.

  • I had to phone up some government organisation and get them to search it out for me, however this was in late 2011, so the situation might have changed. You may find they have £500 each, depending on age when they went into care. They will have had a CTF set up for them, if their birth family didn’t do it. I hope you get somewhere. .

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