1st Day Nerves!

Published September 4, 2013 by thefamilyof5

It was the girls 1st day of their new school yesterday.

The night before I paced back and forth making sure I’d got everything ready for them, purses, snack money, extra snacks, lunches etc etc oh my head was a flurry of thoughts and fears. What if they don’t like it, what if the new lunch bags I got aren’t trendy enough, what if the other children all have something different to them, what if they refuse to go in, what if I haven’t packed enough food and they’re hungry, what if what if what if……………

I went to bed with a headache, I didn’t sleep much.


We woke early, Daddy had booked the day off work so he could be there for drop offs and pick ups with me, something he usually misses out on. I was greeted by baby girl telling me how excited she was followed by a chorus of ‘me too’ from her sisters, I quickly told them it was ok to be nervous and that I was a little nervous too (ok ok I lied, I was terrified but I didnt tell them that). They all relaxed and no longer felt they needed to pretend to be excited and started to chat more about how they felt.

Baby girl needed a little lot of help to get dressed, her head was all over the place and it showed. Middle girl and big girl remained quiet and got on with getting dressed and brushing their teeth.

We ate breakfast and then realised that actually we’d managed to get ready super fast and had a little bit of time for some TV and of course the obligatory 1st day of school photographs, you know the ones, with bags, without bags, in side, outside, faces, full length etc etc.


We found a lovely spot near a field with some lama’s to park the car just round the corner from the school which also allowed us a nice little walk, we like to walk a little bit of the way at least. Middle girl ran on ahead, baby girl clung to me and big girl held daddys hand. We called middle girl back and asked her to hold a hand, because even though she was running on ahead and making out that she was ok and didn’t need us, we knew inside she must be nervous too.

We arrived just before the school doors opened so had to wait on the playground for a short while. Whist we were there one of the mum’s came over and asked which of the girls was going to be in year 3. ‘Middle girl’ I said. She went on to tell us that middle girl would be bringing home a birthday invitation that day as it was her sons birthday and before the holidays he’d told his mom about the new girl in his class that he’d met for an afternoon in July, and asked her to make sure the new girl got an invite! WOW that’s middle girls 1st birthday invitation in over 2 years! I felt so happy for her!

We took the girls right to their classrooms, again middle girl insisted she didn’t need us and wanted to go on head by herself but we insisted. Baby girl was reluctant but with a little shove gentle persuasion she joined her class mates. Last but not least we took big girl to her class, she was nervous but she did her best to be brave, I helped her find her desk and her peg and left her to it.

I felt quite confident that the girls were going to have an ‘ok’ first day. I’d given them each a little wooden heart with a message on as a transitional object, I’d even sprayed a little of my perfume on them. They’d all walked in to class clinging on to them, so I knew they were going to offer some comfort, even if only for a few minutes. I’d also sneakily left some little I LOVE YOU notes in their lunch boxes, just in case they needed a little pick me up at lunch time. And with that, I went home (well to the CAMHS meeting).


The day flew by, and we soon returned to collect them. They all came out of class beaming, all their teachers said they’d had a great first day and I believe them.

The rest of the evening was a little more difficult, the girls had clearly held in all of their emotions and all had so much to tell me, show me and share with me, so at the same time as showering, feeding and calming them, I tried to give them all some time to tell me all about the day. We had a few tears, but only out of frustration when a sister told me something they wanted to say so I reassured them, that hearing the same thing 3 times over was fine. I wanted to hear all about their 1st day from all of them. It was still really difficult, they were wired, emotional and exhausted.

Bedtime came and like over tired toddlers they all thrashed about in bed, arching their backs, kicking their legs until finally they could fight it no more and dropped off to sleep.

Quite a success I think!


4 comments on “1st Day Nerves!

  • Thanks for sharing this, great to hear that they (and you!) coped with their first day. Our youngest (3.5) starts a new nursery on Friday morning, followed by our celebration hearing in the afternoon! Eldest (will be 5 this month) starts school on Monday. Nervous for her as her anxiety makes her bolshy. Totally relate to your pacing the floor. Hope it all calms down by the end of the month!

    • I’m sure yesterday was the hardest part, I fully expect things to be much calmer when I collect them later, fingers crossed 🙂
      Hope your 2 have a lovely 1st day and settle in to school/nursery well x

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