Sausage N Mash

Published August 31, 2013 by thefamilyof5


We went out for lunch today, we often eat out weekends, in fact, we eat out every weekend at some point, at least once! I know, terrible isn’t it! Gives my microwave a well earned rest though, no really, it does! 

Anyway, today, we dined for a late lunch in our local Beefeater. I don’t allow the girls to freely choose from the menu as they’d always order the same if I did, and it would ALWAYS be pasta! So I chose a few options, prompted them to listen and read them out. 
Today’s options went like this: 
You can have chicken breast with chips, peas or beans. Or fish dippers withh chips, peas or beans. Or chicken dippers with chips, peas or beans? 
Big girl: can I have the chicken, with chips and peas please.
Baby girl: Please may I have chicken dippers
Me: with peas or beans?
Baby girl: peas please and red sauce.
(very polite aren’t they)
Me: what would you like middle girl?
Middle girl: erm………*long pause
Me: chicken breast, chicken dippers or fish dippers?
Middle girl: errrr ………………I’ll have the sausages, mash and peas.
My reply was less than therapeutic! 

7 comments on “Sausage N Mash

  • We tend to eat out frequently as well… I noticed every time we do they eat the same things. Mac&Cheese. I like your idea. They can eat Mac&Cheese at home for $0.25 a box… it costs $5.99 a bowl out and it’s the SAME kind.

    • One of the reasons I do it is because they’d always choose pasta, now my girls have huge appetites and for some reason the pasta dishes are always teeny, meaning they’re hungry again an hour later! 🙂

      I’m very sneeky, I tell them that the things on offer is all that’s available from the menu that day, cause often they see the pictures and say ‘I want that’ so I tell a little white lie and say ‘that’s not available today’ I’m naughty I know 🙂

  • As ever, all sounds familiar. We eat out occasionally, and it is something that Bonzo enjoys, but I do the same, read some out and give him the choice, but yes, he will still add his own ‘can i have………….. please?’

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