Random wonderings about Chicken Pox

Published July 28, 2013 by thefamilyof5

My lovely friends daughter has chicken pox  and is feeling rather poorly 😦 it reminded me of when I had it as a teenager.

But then I wondered, have my girls ever had chicken pox? Or any other illness for that matter. The very poor and limited medical records that we have for middle girl and baby girl don’t mention anything In fact they don’t mention much at all aside from vaccinations, and we have no records at all for big girl, so I wonder, have they had chicken pox? Tonsilitis? Scarlet fever? Foot and mouth? whooping cough? Or any other common childhood illness?!

Your guess is as good as mine!


6 comments on “Random wonderings about Chicken Pox

  • There is actually a fairly simple blood test that can determine whether your children have acquired an immunity to chicken pox. That doesn’t mean they’ve had it or were aware they had it, because you can develop a very mild case that just feels like a bit of flu, but it might put your mind at ease about whether they could end up with a house full of miserable, itchy kids. I don’t know your feelings about vaccination, but giving them the chicken pox vaccine if they aren’t immune reduces the risk that they’ll have shingles when they are elderly. And not having shingles really sounds like a nice thing.

    • I’m not sure if such a test is available in the uk, i’ve not heard such thing. But also, to be honest, I wouldn’t want to put them through the trauma of a blood test, perhaps when they’re older they’ll decide to make such a decision for themselves 🙂

      • I had no idea either, but I was working at an artists’ residency program many years ago, when one of the staff children contracted chicken pox. Several of the artists had not had chicken pox before and were absolutely panicked they would lose out on a big chunk of the opportunity of a life-time because they were laid up with it. (The program was only 6 weeks long.) So, everyone who hadn’t had it before was rounded up and carted off to the doctor for it. It eased a lot of fears, and those who weren’t immune were vaccinated. (I think chicken pox vaccination is now required before enrolling in school in kindergarten or 1st grade now here in the US.)

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