Mini Me’s!

Published July 26, 2013 by thefamilyof5

I love cleaning, I find it therapeutic. In fact the state of my house is usually a good representation of the state of my head. The more stressed out I get, the more grime that builds up and then when it all gets too much I go on a mad cleaning frenzy, I’ve even been known to hoover at 2am! (pre kids obviously).

Seems I’m not the only one in our house that likes cleaning. I went in to the playroom earlier to find what I initially thought was chaos, but upon closer inspection I saw wet wipes, and tidying and organising!

I have 3 mini me’s!

Tidying toys

Wet wipes on surfaces

Wet wipes on surfaces

Organising the bookcase

Organising the bookcase




3 comments on “Mini Me’s!

  • Bless their little hearts. Wish mine would attempt to tidy their room! Do they do this regularly? Does it help them feel less chaotic do you think?

    Thanks for sharing with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

    • They tend to do when they see me cleaning, which is quite often lol but they have also been known to just decide to tidy up toy boxes!

      I do think they enjoy it and probably like me, also find it strangely therapeutic 🙂 I think also it’s a welcome break from ‘playing’ which big girl finds difficult and in the playroom she does tend to lead and the other 2 follow, so I guess that usually she’s be the one to instigate it. Baby girl is the least helpful and most lazy at ‘tidy up time’ so I can’t see that it would ever be her idea lol

  • I reckon there must be some other reason why children get into cleaning and tidying which goes beyond just copying what they’ve seen. I am not big on cleaning, and I have always tended to do it when there are no children around as much as possible as I hate it anyway, and having toddlers ‘helping’ is not likely to improve my mood! And yet the children I’ve looked after still do cleaning things quite unprompted. My last foster child was seriously into the vacuum cleaner – he loved it and had toy one of his own. My son loves sweeping (he NEVER sees me do this!!), and often wipes things with baby wipes (he has definitely seen me do this!), and does a bit of tidying up as well. Maybe I do more cleaning than I think?!

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