Schools Out for the Summer………

Published July 20, 2013 by thefamilyof5

We booked the last week of school off as holiday like always. The final week of school is just too much for the girls, too  unstructured and too much change for them to be able to cope with. So we’ve been on school holidays for just over a week now, and doesn’t it show.

Even though we’ve been making the most of Daddy being off work and have  crammed in lots of activities, and even though we’ve had the heat wave to contend with and to try and sleep through, I’m pleased to say that the  bickering has pretty much stopped, middle girl hasn’t been refusing to sleep for hours on end every night,  even baby girls need for control has eased, she’s even eaten vegetables without fuss!!  All is calm in  the Family of 5 household.

During our first year as a family I remember commenting about how much easier things were in the holidays, but then things started to change and the girls behaviour in the school holidays was not so easy, in fact I stopped looking forward to them and instead began bracing myself for them.

So I’m really happy as you can imagine, about the calm that has descended upon us, and I can’t help but wonder if the news of a new school for September has also helped things too.image


9 comments on “Schools Out for the Summer………

  • We’ve often gone away the last week of school, think it can work really well. You can be in holiday destinations before it gets too crowded for the children to cope with. Loving your pics and tales.

    Thanks for sharing on the Weekly Adoption Shout Ou

    • I do try to book off the last week of school as it can be hard for the girls. If we manage to get a holiday out of peak time (like we did this year) then yes that’s a bonus too as it’s quieter, but prev we’ve gone with family so it’s had to wait for the school holidays 🙂

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