Meet Tilo…….

Published July 5, 2013 by thefamilyof5

This weeks theme for the Weekly Adoption Shout Out (#WASO) at The Adoption Social is Pets.

This is Tilo, we named her that because we couldn’t settle on a name for her and she’d been called ‘The Little One’ for that long that we decided that should be her Name, albeit abbreviated and slightly altered!

Helping with hair brushing!

Helping with hair brushing!

Tilo is 10, she has ADHD, Aspergers, Autism and some sort of attention seeking disorder!

Listening to a bedtime story!

Listening to a bedtime story!

Tilo will not give a second thought to demanding tummy rubs at 2am, and requires no less that two 3rds of our kingsize bed to sleep on.
She doesn’t deal with change very well, in fact she doesn’t deal with it at all, she will protest at the slightest difference to her daily routine.
Tilo is predominantly a house cat, by that I mean that she is too lazy to actually venture out of our back garden.
She requires feeding at the same times every day, even if her food bowl is full, she will still meow relentlessly until fresh food is put down for her to sniff at.
Tilo has issues with Food. She insists that yogurt,ice cream, cake, chips and curry must be shared, in fact she sulks if her requests are refused!
She constantly chatters about something or another, her conversations skills are quite lacking though if I’m honest and she can be rather repetitive.
Tilo has obsessions, her biggest being all things paper!
She claims anything that looks remotely like a cardboard box and will defend it profusely.
Tilo has an odd relationship with her friend the blue toy octopus, it appears to be a love hate relationship whereby she likes to snuggle with Octopus and then kick him in the head, her social skills need work.
She also has personal space issues and often follows people in to the bathroom!
Tilo is indiscriminate with her affections and will demand attention from any one that enters the house, friend, family, social workers, sales men.
She has a nickname, ‘monkey puss’, don’t ask!!
Tilo is adopted.

This is her serious look!

This is her serious look!

She is a great listener, she’s always by my side when I need her and she gives the best cuddles, albeit a little scratchy sometimes. We have the best conversations whereby I do most of the talking and its impossible to feel lonely with her around.

The girls love her, they can be a little over enthusiastic with her though sometimes though and when this happens we do have a ‘no touching’ rule for a while. We have a permanent ‘no picking up rule’ in place and I think that’s helped the girls and her to respect each others boundary’s, although Tilo does need constant reminding that the girls ‘quiet time’ is not ‘look at Tilo time’!!

Octopus cuddles!

Octopus cuddles!

Tilo is not our only cat, we also have Pepsi whom we adopted before Tilo, but as she’s not really a people person she declined my request for an interview and simply told me to ‘talk to the paw’.


8 comments on “Meet Tilo…….

  • I’m really not a cat-lover, but Tilo looks cute (though that serious face freaks me out a bit!).

    Thank Tilo for posing and for allowing you to share her story with The Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

    • Believe it or not, I was always more of a dog person, never really liked cats, until I had one forced upon me many moons ago, and then years later, I went to a cattery and Tilo chose me, she sat on my shoulder and licked my ear and wouldn’t get down lol

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