We went to the zoo, zoo, zoo…….

Published June 30, 2013 by thefamilyof5

We went to the zoo today. They’ve never really been much of a hit in the past. Today was no exception.

Each animal/display/event was glanced at for no more than 3 seconds before a chorus of ‘I want to see something else now’ was heard.


We’ve all smiled, giggled and enjoyed being with each other. No one moaned about the heat, no one nagged or whined, no one got told off (well except daddy but that’s nothing new), and no one cried, ok well perhaps I secretly shed a tear or two in the car on the way home over my aching legs and sore feet and I sure daddy filled up when he found out how much we’d spent, but over all, even though the zoo was naff and the girls really had very little interest in anything other than the ice creams we ate, we’ve all shared a lovely sunny family day!


13 comments on “We went to the zoo, zoo, zoo…….

  • So good because it is those small things that we are thankful for, no tears or whinging is such a success. We have similar thing with the zoo, they just don’t seem that impressed by the great big tiger or lion. Well done for seeing the positive and in your day and sharing it on Memory Box. x

  • What a lovely memory. Our family always think I am mad when I consider a daytrip like yours to be a success. Mind you I would have had a really difficult job tearing Buzzbee away from the Otters without a meltdown

    • Oh no, not Otters!! The last time we went to an animal park, the otters were having fun…mass mating shall we say?! Parrot was going “Mummy, what are they DOING?” and Kestrel was loudly telling me “Look, they’re all having sex, Mum”, “Look Mum, that ones trying to sex the other one and the other one is BITING it”. Everyone near us was having a right old laugh. Lovely…..

      I’ve really lowered the tone here!!

      • I truly feel for you a little while ago we went to our local safari park and was in a very similar position when 2 considerable sized tortoises where making more than just a loud grunting noise. I am not sure what amused beeswax more, buzzbee asking endless questions or bumble’s attempt at squirming out of answering

  • Lovely family days are fantastic. It sounds wonderful. My Parrot just loves the zoo, he’s spend hours with the big cats (so would I to be honest!), but Kestrel…no, she’s just like your girls! I also love your girls’ hats by the way 😀

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