I hear a cry for help……..

Published June 14, 2013 by thefamilyof5

Baby girl had another bad day at school today, that’s 3 days out of the 5 this week that ‘something’ has happened. This is pretty typical these days.

Baby girls been struggling with school for over a year now, but this last few weeks I’ve felt she’s been struggling more. A new girl started in her class, she’s targeted baby girl a few times now, a kick, a pinch a push etc. Then there’s the wind down towards the end of the school year. And of course there’s all the mixed up emotions about ‘who she is’, ‘where she came from’, ‘what happened to her and why it happened’.

I don’t know what’s going on inside her, I can only deal with what I see, and I see a confused and frightened little girl that’s struggling.

We sat and had a cuddle after school today, I told her how sad it made me to hear she was getting into trouble at school so much. ‘It can’t carry on’ I said, ‘what should we do?’ I asked her, She said to me ‘I’ve got an idea…….its because I miss you mommy, could I just stay at home with you?’.

I hear her cry’s for help, I’m just not sure what to do next, how do I help her when I can see how much she’s struggling. How do I calm the storm that’s raging inside her. How do I help her to enjoy school, when her teachers just see her as ‘naughty’.

14 comments on “I hear a cry for help……..

  • Is this the end of the school year for her? Sometimes that’s hard. It’s change, and change can be frightening for kids like this. It’s also a time of loss of familiar relationships, even if she’s not in love with what she’s leaving behind. It’s still a loss of her teacher, a break from her relationships with other kids in the class–and you know how it is the next year. Things change. Social groups shift around. It’s scary for a kid who could use some constants in life. All of these factors can make the end of the school year very hard for children. And then their behavior devolves, and that makes it even worse. Take care. I hope baby girl pulls through.

    • I think the end of the school year is defo playing a part, I’m not sure its entirely responsible though. I feel like she’s going through some really emotional ‘changes’ within herself at the moment, I’m seeing constant glimpses of her struggles at home as well as the struggles she’s having at school. My heart aches for her :/
      Thanks for your advice and kind words Ashana πŸ™‚

  • I think Ashana makes some good points. It could be that she is starting to get anxious about school ending and the unknowns of summer….maybe?…possibly?….plus being pushed and kicked in school probably is throwing her for a loop. I would just reassure her each day as she heads to school to ask a grown up for help and also that you’ll be there after school, maybe have some kind of fun count down until the last day of school and use a calendar to write in some fun plans for summer so she sees whats coming up (I use some simple, I mean fantastic and skilled, stick figures on our calendar to show Jonathan when people are coming over or birthdays etc. Good luck! Keep us posted!

    • Yes those are good idea’s. She really struggles with ‘time’. She often mixes up what was yesterday, last week, 6 months ago etc so its fair to assume she’d struggle with forward thinking of time too! πŸ™‚
      Thanks Lindsay, I like your idea’s πŸ™‚

    • I desperately want to homeschool her, but only because I want to ‘protect’ her from school. The issue I have is she is 1 of 3, and I couldn’t home school them all, and sending 2 and keeping home 1 would be unfair, especially when I know big girl is equally struggling :/
      Plus, her sisters are very behind academically, she is not, in fact she’s very clever but currently not reaching her full potential I feel, I’m not sure I could homeschool at so many different levels :/ if it was just her, I’d do it in a nano second πŸ™‚

  • They can’t just see her as naughty, they just can’t 😦 I feel so sorry for you both. Sorry, I’ve only just started reading your blog. How old is she? Xxxx

  • My son struggles with the end of the school year, partly due to routines being changed or relaxed. I did speak to school & I was able to go in on some occasions to be with him. Plus I have heard of mothers who spent their time in school with their child until they felt comfortable leaving them, although is dependent on an understanding school. We have also used simple, daily plans (as mentioned before), using stick people & diagrams to show what the lesson/ teacher will be. It is tough but keep your chin up & it is not long to the holidays now.

  • I realise reading other people’s blogs how lucky I am with the school I found for Bonzo. They have such a can do/will do attitude. Have you had a group meeting with school staff & social workers/Camh? We had one last week and I could see the penny drop in the eyes of our Senco!

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