Ofsted Stress

Published May 21, 2013 by thefamilyof5

I’ve been wondering about some of the difficulties baby girl has lately, I’ve been gathering my thoughts and collating my facts.

Baby girl had a difficult day at school yesterday, she came home in quite an emotional state but I wasn’t able to establish from her garbled ramblings exactly what had happened. She talked about being in trouble  she talked about bumping herself and not being given a wet paper towel which she was not happy about, she talked about her friend also bumping herself and she talked about difficulties at dinner time. None of these were particularly unusual things for her to tell me after a bad day, but what was unusual was her emotional state.

I had no information about what had happened because her home school diary hadn’t been sent home again. I’d already called school earlier in the day to request a meeting to discuss some of the issues from last week so I planned to discuss it then.

I got a phone call today to tell me that Ofsted were in school and there would be no one available to meet with me until after the half term, I wasn’t happy, it wasn’t the first time I’d called and been told Ofsted visits meant I’d have to wait. I remember this happening a month or so ago and being utterly frustrated that no one could return my call for a week because Ofsted were in school. So I asked that baby girls teacher rang me when she could so I could get to the bottom of whatever had upset her so much.

Baby girls teacher called me tonight, she knew nothing of any major incident, she was aware of the few minor incidents but apparently they’d been very minor and very little fuss made of them. So what had triggered this emotional breakdown from her?

You may recall me mentioning here that a few weeks ago I asked our GP to make a referral for baby girl to the Community Pediatrician due to my concerns about sensory issues. I also talked about how easily baby girl becomes dysregulated here. Over the last few years I’ve noticed many things that have made me wonder, like how she doesn’t like her hair being brushed or tied up, like how the noise from the hoover makes her noisy, or how the smell of a persons breath is more intriguing to her than what they’re saying, or how she covers her ears at the first sign of a loud noise, or how she will sit for hours having her back stroked and how she likes me to gently scratch her neck with my finger nails when I put her in to bed, how she ‘takes on’ the emotional state of those around her, or how she yearns for touch of any description (she’s forever leaning on people) or her fascination with water play or her infatuation with smells to name but a few.

So today I was wondering about what it could have been that upset baby girl and then it hit me. Ofstead! We all know how much pressure Ofstead put teachers under, so perhaps baby girl has picked up on her teachers ‘stress’ and absorbed it. I cant remember what that other incident was a few months ago, but I remember feeling very upset about baby girl and being frustrated at not being able to discuss the incident with her teacher, due to Ofstead!!

I’ve done a little online research tonight, lethal I know, BUT, Sensory Processing Disorder is a very good fit! In fact the description in that link could actually be a description of baby girl, with perhaps a couple of small discrepancies. I also came across this checklist and found that more than 2/3rds were relevant to baby girl.

So, I’m even more eager to see the community Pediatrician now, and I shall be taking a list of my observations with me, when the appointment comes through.

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    • That’s exactly it, I’m not sure that SPD is actually diagnosable in the UK but at least this was we can get things investigated and perhaps know how school can support her better 🙂

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